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What to know before you registerBronco is competitive baseball and player pitch.  No friend requests are honored. ALL players must participate in assessments their first year in division, second year players can opt to "return to team" or "return to assessments". Assessments happen in February and Coaches will draft players mid February. Teams will be announced around the coaches meeting (end of Feb). Players are assessed and drafted to offer a competitive league without stacked teams. Weekdays and and times can be found on the right panel of this page. This division has play-offs and an All Star Game at the end of the season. 

 is a continuation of the philosophy to fit the diamond to the physical potential of the players.

The bases and pitching distances are scaled up slightly from mustang league. 

The transition diamond used in BRONCO 12U™ LEAGUE, permits infielders and outfielders to select their defensive positions in relationship to the anticipated speed of the ball when they field it.

This diamond positions the infielders and outfielders in direct proportion to that assumed by Major League Baseball players and permits the younger players to play the game as it was designed to play.

Season Info

Spring Season
March - June
Bronco Players Age
11 & 12 year olds

Practices and Games
*Subject to change due to field availability

Practice and Game Times
5:30-7:30 or 6-8
Start anytime around 
*May participate in Interleague Play*

What comes with registration:

Bronco Baseball


BASES : 70 feet
PITCHING : 50 feet

FAIR PLAY AREA : Within the first base and third base foul lines and a fence or marked line 200 feet from home plate. A ball hit beyond that distance on the fly will be a home run. A minimum home run distance of 175 feet or a maximum of 275 feet will be recognized, with the recommendation that the home run distance be 225 feet at the foul lines and 275 feet in center field to a six or eight foot barrier wherever possible.

BASES, PLATES : The home plate, pitcher's rubber and the bases shall be official size as used in regulation baseball.
PITCHING MOUND : Shall be raised by a gradual slope to a height of six inches above the level of home plate and the base paths.
RESTRAINING LINE : Located along first base, beginning 35 feet from home base and extending three feet beyond the first and second base line. The line, paralleling the first base foul line and extending three feet (36 inches) into foul territory, shall be marked with chalk or other white material two inches wide.
DISTANCE TO BACKSTOP : Recommended distance from home plate to the backstop is 20 feet.
CATCHER'S BOX : By local option, the catcher's box may be rectangular in shape 43 inches wide and eight feet deep from the point of home plate or it may be triangular in shape extending eight feet from the rear of home plate, being a continuation of the foul lines, in which case the line closest to the backstop shall be 16 feet in length.



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