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Girls Fastpitch Softball is an exciting and dynamic team sport that emphasizes speed, agility, and skill development, all while maintaining a fun and inclusive environment for children and teenagers. Players typically start as early as age 6 and continue through their teenage years.

Key features of Fastpitch Softball include:

Pitching Speed: In fastpitch softball, the pitcher throws the ball underhand with an emphasis on speed and accuracy, challenging batters to react quickly.

Base Running:
 Players learn the art of base running, improving their speed and decision-making on the basepaths.

Teamwork: The sport fosters camaraderie and teamwork, as players must coordinate their efforts to field, pitch, and hit effectively.

Skill Development: Players have the opportunity to develop essential skills such as throwing, catching, hitting, and fielding. These skills not only apply to softball but also lay the foundation for general athletic development.

Physical Fitness: The sport promotes physical fitness and helps kids stay active and healthy while having fun.

Mental Toughness: Players learn to cope with both success and failure, building mental resilience and confidence.

Youth Fastpitch Softball is not just a game; it's a platform for personal growth, building lasting relationships, and fostering for athletics.

Included in Registration:
Jersey, Pants, Visor, Socks & Belt

Equipment Recommendations
Softball glove, rubber cleats, helmet with facemask and chin strap.
Pitchers are required to wear a Facemask,
(It is highly recommended all players wear a facemask on the field). 
Bat Rules: Click Here for the list of Banned Softball Bats

Ball Sizes per Division

Pinto - 10 inch Safety Softball
Mustang - 11 inch Softball
Bronco and Pony - 12 inch Softball

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